Welcome to Boukhatmi Lab

We study the molecular and cellular mechanisms controlling development, regeneration and tumorigenesis

Research Interests

Muscle stem (satellite) cells (MuSCs), ensure the functional homeostasis of skeletal muscles growth as well as their regeneration upon injury. Deciphering the molecular and cellular features of the MuSC would provide novel insights into their regenerative potential and to improve therapeutic strategies.

In this context our group uses Drosophila as a model and a combination of genetics, live imaging and genomics approaches to uncover general principles governing MuSC biology in vivo.


Latest news

1/10/22. We welcome Emma Leroux, our new PhD Student!

1/09/22. We welcome Aurélien Guillou our fly facility manager and research engineer.

17/01/22. We welcome Aïssatou Dieng, our new Master 2 Student!

15/01/22. We welcome Emmanuel Gallaud, our new postdoc!

8/11/21. Welcome to Cyrille our lab manager and research assistant. Very happy to have you on board.

19/08/21. We are looking for a motivated postdoc to join us. Press here for details and don't hesitate to contact Hadi if you have any question.

19/08/21. Our review "Drosophila, an Integrative Model to Study the Features of Muscle Stem Cells in Development and Regeneration" is now published in Cells. We reported the main findings revealed by the study of Drosophila muscle stem cells. Check it out here.

26/07/21. Congratulations to our very talented student Nourhene for defending her Master thesis with success and for winning an AFM PhD fellowship award. Looking forward to see you at the IGDR to continue the adventure.

14/04/21. We will start at the IGDR (Rennes) on the 1st of October 2021.

14/04/21. Job offers will be posted here

Institut de Génétique et Développement de Rennes (CNRS-UMR6290).

Université de Rennes (Bat4)

2 avenue du Pr Leon Bernard

35043 Rennes, France